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This lecture/demonstration will feature the Indonesian classical dance “Putri, Alus, and Gagah” and the folk dance “Lengger Banyumasan”.  The speaker will explore the different styles and characteristics of the dances and the possible translations of the traditional elements into a contemporary dance context. There will also be a discussion of how the dance communicates with the music and the ways musical stories are told through movements.

Rianto mastered the traditional dance of Banyumas called Lengger while studying at SMKI (Sekolah Menengah Karawitan Indonesia). He learned the Javanese traditional dances of Gagah and Alus under Mr. Daryono and the court dance in Istana Mangkunegaran. He graduated from the Academy of Dance of STSI (ISI: Institut Seni Indonesia) Surakarta (Solo) in 2004.

Rianto was a member of TBS Dance Theatre Studio in Solo and participated in the works of Korean choreographer Sen Hea Ha in Seoul, Singapore, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria in 2005. He performed Monteverdi’s Orfeo in Schubert Theatre in Boston (2006) and The Coronation Of Poppea in London Coliseum (2007). He received an Arts Network Asia grant to present his own choreographic works Pintu Amaterasu and Healing in Solo, Jakarta, Taiwan, Surabaya, and Riau, Sumatra. He was also one of delegate Indonesian choreographers at World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific in Singapore in 2007. In January 2009, Rianto was invited by the Indonesian Embassy to choreograph and dance in the reception of the inaugural ceremony of US President-elect Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Rianto has also appeared as a guest artist in Gulliver & Swift and Garibaba’s Strange World by Japanese dance company Pappa TARAHUMARA. He has choreographed Hallucination (TPAM Showcase 2010) and multicultural work Pintu Amaterasu (KLPAC-Malaysia 2010). One of his latest works is Shadowing the Body, performed at Male Matters and Fourth Nartaka Dance Festival in India (October 2010). He is currently the Artistic Director of the Dewandaru Dance Company of Tokyo, Japan.

7 February 2012
Nanyang Playhouse, National Institute of Education 12:30 - 1:30PM

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