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CARE is proud to present the launch of Community-based Arts and Culture Education- A Resource Kit by Arts-ED.

The resource book is intended for artists, educators and organisations interested in using creative approaches to work in, with or for local communities. It outlines methodology and case studies of how community-based programmes with young people can provide an alternative creative learning platform and help safeguard environmental, social or economic assets of the community. Join us as Arts-ED’s founder Janet Pillai gives a presentation on The Power of Arts in Community at the launch.

 Artists, teachers and educators looking for innovative and challenging methods will also find relevance in the resource kit which includes:

*    the general philosophy of engaged arts

*   how to plan, design and execute community-based  arts projects

*   exemplary case studies of best practice programmes

*  13 adaptable sample lesson plans

*  2 academic articles; educational perspectives and principles of engaged arts and history of arts collectives in SEA.


Book Price: $30.20 (inclusive of GST)

*Sale of the book will be held during the launch and the next day (11 April) from 7pm – 8.30pm.


About the Speaker: Janet Pillai
Over the span of a 30 year career, Pillai has utilised action research and grassroots activism to develop and promote arts education for cultural sustainability. Pillai’s specialisation includes creative pedagogy, community engagement and cultural mapping. Pillai is also involved with regional institutions such as UNESCO Bangkok and APCIEU Korea in training, programming, and curriculum writing in non-formal arts and culture education. Besides being founder of Arts-ED, Pillai is also a veteran theatre director who has worked in collaboration with performing artists and young people to produce more than 25 multi-media productions in institutional and community settings.
About Arts-ED

Arts-ED is a non-profit organisation (NPO) based in Penang, Malaysia, which specialises in innovative community-based arts and culture education for young people. Arts-ED works in partnership with local agencies and community to facilitate cultural sustainability through research, consultation and field projects. It works in collaboration with institutions, arts educators, artists and community activists.  Arts-ED also provides services in cultural mapping and community consultation. It produces small cultural events and publishes educational materials that relate to cultural awareness and learning (teaching CDs, cultural maps, brochures and newsletters). The innovative approaches of Arts-ED have been emulated by other non-profit organisations in the region.


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A second book entitled Cultural mapping-Understanding Place, Community and Continuity by Arts-ED will be on sale at the event. While we are not launching this book, you may find a brief description of it below. The book is selling at $19.78 (inclusive of GST)
Cultural mapping- Understanding Place, Community and Continuity mentions about cultural sites and communities having 'character' and 'spirit.' It talks about how a 'sense of place' emerges from long symbiotic relationship between the physical place, people and livelihoods. The book emphasizes the importance of cultural mapping as a systematic approach to recording and presenting an integrated picture of the cultural character of a place, and how it can contribute towards sensitive, sustainable planning.
Janet Pillai from CARE on Vimeo.




10 April 2014
Time: 7pm-8pm, Venue: Open Stage, Library @ Esplanade

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