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The Arts and Special Education: "Visual Arts can empower a person" by Ranae Lee-Nasir and "All I Need To Know About Becoming an Artist I Learned From My Special Needs Students: 10 examples" by Joshua Yang
The Arts and Special Education is a series of forums that aim to discuss and investigate teaching methods and strategies in Arts Special Education; this includes but not limited to special needs and the gifted. Each forum will feature artists or practitioners from various disciplines of arts to share their works and experiences in Special Education. 
There are two presentations in this first session of the forum series: 
"Visual Arts can empower a person" by Ranae Lee-Nasir
Ranae shares her experiences and exchanges from her interaction with persons with special needs on how visual arts programme can empower a person over time. Through tried and tested methods used in her teaching practice, she highlights how a person with special needs can be supported through their artistic practice.
About the speaker:
Ranae Lee-Nasir is a practicing visual artist and arts educator who believes that The Arts can empower a person in multiple aspects of life. After more than a decade of collaborating with children and youth with special needs, she has witnessed the positive benefits of visual arts workshops that develop artistic interest and expression, help to overcome difficulties in learning, strengthen awareness for self and others, and to grow the love of sharing a piece of art simply because each is proud of what each have created.
"All I Need To Know About Becoming an Artist I Learned From My Special Needs Students: 10 examples" by Joshua Yang
This talk presents 10 examples of works by students with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which demonstrate what is commonly thought of as “autistic” traits but which may actually be characteristic traits of artists. The talk seeks to present a change in the approach of pedagogy to potential teachers working in special schools and for members of the public to better appreciate the concept of weirdness. The 10 examples which will be presented are as follows:
1. Always draw the first thing that comes to mind
2. Get caught up in the details 
3. Focus! Focus! Focus! 
4. Never lose sight on the child! 
5. Routine is the surest road to success 
6. Every painting is a self-portrait 
7. I see patterns in everything 
8. Narrow field of interest? Don’t worry! 
9. Transform your addiction into…Transformers! 
10. I am in the universe, but the universe is in me
About the speaker:
Joshua Yang works within a predominantly site-specific and time-based approach, employing a single-continuous line in his drawings. Highlights include major exhibitions at Singapore Biennale 2008 and the Dojima River Biennale 2009 (Osaka). His projects have been featured in countries such as Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, The Philippines, Mexico City, Australia, Germany… He has not been diagnosed with autism although his friends and family members have been increasingly asserting that he is really autistic. He works at the Art Faculty (previously known as the Artist Development Programme) at Pathlight School, recently relocated to the Enabling Village at Lengkok Bahru.
To attend, please register at:  http://goo.gl/forms/3n206oicP0


You can now watch the presentations here:



18 February 2016
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Venue: Open Stage, Library@Esplanade 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

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