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The Arts and Special Education: "Connecting through colors" by Vijayalakshmi Mohan

The Arts and Special Education is a series of forums that aim to discuss and investigate teaching methods and strategies in Arts Special Education; this includes but not limited to special needs and the gifted. Each forum will feature artists or practitioners from various disciplines of arts to share their works and experiences in Special Education.

Vijayalakshmi Mohan is the speaker for the fifth session of this series.

Colours are a powerful tool which have a great sensory impact on the mind and can influence moods and behaviours. Creating art by using colours helps improve  bilateral co-ordination, focus,  motor co-ordination, self-confidence and self esteem. The process of creation also enables bonding and is packed with fun. The use of various materials in Singa Rangoli gives visual and sensory stimulation to all kinds of participants. As a Rangoli artist and Art therapist, Mrs Vijayalakshmi Mohan has been  using colours both to express herself and to connect to the various sections of Society.

She is running Pure Hearts Recreation centre which is  for  persons with special needs  and brings out their hidden latent talents in art, music, dance and sports. The centre, approved by PA, has been operating for the past 6 years in Community Centres. The available activities include music (vocal and drums),  arts (drawing and painting), and physical activities (simple dance, physical exercises including frisbee, badminton, basketball, bowling etc). The students have participated in a number of public programmes in Singapore including Youth festival, Chingay and also overseas in Malaysia.

She is also using interactive Singa Rangoli art to reach out to the elderly, hospice patients and other needy sections of our Society. By involving the elderly in the Arts, she gives them a sense of pride in creation and ownership of their art work. She has also been involved in participative arts with the community and conducted workshops involving all walks of life in Singapore society from office workers, neighbourhood residents to students, medical workers etc. They experience great social interaction and there is a wonderful feeling of joy and bonhomie during  the whole process.

Biography: Vijayalakshmi Mohan: A Singaporean Rangoli (Indian floor art) artist cum art therapist. She has been commissioned for the various Arts events and projects in Singapore: Rangoli bangle-dangle for Singapore Art week (2016), Rainbow Rangoli Community Art for Whampoa SG50 (2015), All weather proof at Esplanade (2005).

Mrs Vijaya Mohan holds the Guinness Book of Records for creating the largest Rangoli Art piece and also  13  Singapore Book of Records in various categories.

Some of  her recent prominent projects include: 

a)  Rangoli on 55,000 recycled CDs with 22 voluntary welfare organizations and special schools of Singapore for Deepavali 2013 in Little India, Rangoli .

b) Rangoli on more than 1000 kudams (plastic pots) Community project in old age homes (patients with dementia and adults with intellectual disabilities) with more than 50 Organisations for Art Week 2015.

She is also a frequent annual  visitor to Nebraska, USA from 2012 for University of Omaha, Girls Scout Nebraska, Omaha Medical Centre etc.

She graduated from LASALLE with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy, a diploma in Special Education (NIE) and Certificate in pre-school management and Administration and in Kindergarten teaching (NIE).

To attend, please register at: http://goo.gl/forms/o005mhCYoMIg5c442

You can watch the session here:

19 September 2016
Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm Venue: Open Stage, Library@Esplanade. 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

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