UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE)

CARE WEBINAR SERIES: Cognition in Art Education


Talk by Dr Rebecca Heaton


Moderator:  Mr Lim Kok Boon




Cognition is a complex, under-researched and often misunderstood area of study in art education. This webinar will engage with the complexities surrounding the interpretation of cognition in art education, it will share a new framework developed to assist cognitive conceptualization and it will make recommendations to support the reinstatement of cognition in art education policy, practice and research. Drawing on theoretical, practical and researched informed examples of cognition, strategies will be shared to support art educators to engage with cognition in the provision they offer. Art education is an important means for learners to explore how to dialogue with our changing world, if the cognitive complexity of this dialogue can be understood then educators will be better positioned to support learners to engage, progress and process experiences they encounter.


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